Chris has been my exclusive personal trainer for years. He’s a voice of clear reason and informed knowledge in an industry overwhelmed with faddish and conflicting advice. And he’s a really nice guy. I’d recommend him unreservedly.
Derren Brown - Mentalist and Illusionist
I was recommended Chris by a friend, who had been training with him and I can sincerely say it was one of the best things that happened to me.
I started with Chris with one basic aim, which was to drop a couple of dress sizes, not only did I do that but now exercise and its benefits are very much part of my life and so much so, I actually enjoy it and miss it when I don’t do it.

I’ve gone from a zero exerciser to someone who has just completed the London marathon thanks to Chris.

He is a positive individual, who enables you to believe in yourself and pushes you, he reviewed progress, tailored sessions to me as an individual and kept things simple, as everyone knows the compound moves are the best ones!

He goes further than just exercise, he reviews by diet, my attitude! and what I was doing in terms of other exercise to produce the best results.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him, after every session I have with him, I always leave feeling I’ve worked hard but most importantly with a spring in my step and a self belief that I can do whatever challenge I pick next! A rare breed!!

Tonia Fielding - Passenger Ambassador and VIP Services at Heathrow
I am a London based Singaporean who is an architect in his early forties, frequently travels to Africa and Asia on businesses and I have been training with Chris Lyons regularly for the last 5 years, 3 times a week where possible.

I make it a priority within my weekly schedule to train with Chris at least once to achieve a balanced lifestyle and for health reasons. Due to my international work commitments and frequent travels, my work commitments have taken a toll on my personal health. Prior to my training with Chris I was often nursing my health during my off days which is not ideal as I would like to achieve a more balanced lifestyle between my professional and personal life. To this endeavour we have got the right exercise program and regime that is suitable for my time and commitment and generally I feel better and more positive in my personal wellbeing.

As fitness training is concerned I had no experience whatsoever, and i’d never been to a gym till I started training with Chris in my 40’s. Chris is incredibly patience and encouraging in explaining the purposes of the exercises. He would tailor a programme that is suitable and ideal for my commitment. We would generally have reviews of my fitness levels to address any impending issues or any future targets. The wonderful thing about training with Chris is his ability to explain my physique and fitness conditions based on my social habits and address shoulder and back aches and my tendency to hunch.

Since my early quest for health reasons we have moved to more exciting and challenging exercises as I gain more confidence and strength with my fitness and my physique. Generally I am not looking for body perfect or bulking up of muscles but a more holistic approach to physical training. At the moment I train 3 sessions with Chris over the week days and a session by myself during the weekends just to explore my fitness by myself. On a separate note I am incredibly prone to injuries and Chris’s method of training allows me to exercise safely to avoid any harm or injuries to my physique.

By consciously taking time out and by fully committing to a training program with Chris, I feel that I am more productive and in control in both my personal or professional life with the benefits of feeling less fatigue and more confident with my physique. Our training sessions allows me to reset my stressful professional work patterns and I always look forward to the next training session.

Personally I find Chris engaging with his firm believes and understanding of the benefits of physical training and that inevitability translates to his positive outlook, encouraging thoughts and can do attitude. His clientele as I have met at the gym is diverse from professionals like myself to elderly members of the community to future brides preparing for the isle, that speaks volume of his professional ability and experience.

Perhaps one could view training with Chris is more than therapy for the body but therapy for the soul.

WeeLian Tay - Associate Director RSP PLANeT
I’ve lost 30kg since training with Chris and I’ve been able to maintain it. It’s been a very productive time in my life and even though I live in Egypt and only come to London several times a year Chris always put’s the effort to stay in touch to inspire and motivate me. I’m looking forward for the next couple of years to always set more difficult and achievable goals. I have been able to go from barely exercising to finishing a half marathon at the age of 47. Thanks to Chris I have realised that to be able to see drastic change you have to make small changes in your life habits.
Amr Shaker - CEO EG Medical Systems
I have been training with Chris for almost two years now. When i first started with him I had been dealing with a back problem, a knee injury, and a shoulder injury for quite some time. He initially diagnosed my injuries correctly, created a workout schedule around my injuries and asked me to check with a Physio. Six months later I was transformed and was able to go back to working out normally. To sum it up, Chris can deal with anyone’s condition by finding creative ways to allow them to recover and also excel thereafter.
Jad Jaber - Director at Valor Estates
I will always be thankful for the day that I met Chris at the gym! I was a regular gym goer with a big dream of having a physique like the girls in Oxygen magazine, which I used to read obsessively and wondered how those bodies were ever possible without starving yourself and spending endless hours at the gym.
There was just way too much information out there and without proper guidance and advice from an experienced coach it wasn’t possible for me to reach my goal as simply I was wasting my time. I was trying to do too much without the proper technique and getting frustrated. It was just way too overwhelming, I got lost in it all and almost gave up.
From the first week we started training I was hooked! Chris simplified everything and we maximised my time at the gym by doing loads of big weight training movements and hi-intensity work, in just a month I noticed a massive difference in my body and gained confidence. I have now trained consistently for over 5 years and there is no better feeling for me than going into any gym and walking into the weight section like I own it. I have learnt a great deal about food and training from Chris and I think he is definitely one of the best trainers in London.
Chris is extremely attentive and knowledgeable, listens to your concerns and when he wants to give you a piece of advice he does so in a very encouraging and non-condescending way. His professionalism is shown in many ways, how he deals with clients, how he approaches them and he can relate well with females (which I contribute to him growing up with two sisters). He teaches you how to use weights to get the best results and how to maximise your workouts so that in 45-60 min you can get better results than hours of running on the treadmill ever will!
Lastly he encourages balance and insists you have a life. Yes working hard at the gym and keeping it healthy in the kitchen is important but so is enjoying meals and nights out with friends and not getting too obsessed with either food or the gym.
Back in 2012 we embarked on a journey to compete in a Fitness Competition, it was something I had always wanted to do and it was my BIG dream. So we did just that! I stood on the stage with the body of my dreams! The journey was absolutely amazing and I learnt even more about what my body is capable of. It was breath-taking to see the results!
These days I continue training with Chris on weekly basis and the rest is up to me, I have been taught by the best so I vary and build my workouts myself, which I find quite fun to do and I have fallen in love with a healthy balanced lifestyle and training. All of that would not be possible without Chris and his constant support over the years.
Aga Marisa - Photographer