Let’s first DEBUNK some of the nonsense you may have been told about what makes a successful diet…

Often diets are marketed by making bold claims that they work due to different means such as; altering hormones like insulin, by avoiding certain foods or because you aren’t allowed you to eat at certain times. Such claims are nonsense and these restrictions often make diets more difficult to adhere to.

Let’s set things straight…

What really makes a successful diet?

For any diet to be successful it must restrict the number of calories you eat and drink.

This is essential in order to create a negative energy balance (A negative balance is when more energy is needed than is being consumed). To keep up with the demand for energy your body will then have to break down stored energy – mostly from body fat.

Being able to adhere to a diet is also imperative for long-term success.  We therefore encourage ‘Flexible Dieting’ which does not restrict what or when you eat. For it to work you still have to be accountable for how much goes in and you can still eat the occasional treat, in fact, we encourage it.

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Supporting Evidence (the nerdy stuff so you know we’re giving you the right advice) 

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