This is the first in our series of six blog posts to help you understand how Train gets the most-effective, muscle-building results in the quickest possible time – all based on proven science and 20 years’ experience with 100’s of clients.   

What is Training Frequency?

Step One – it’s really important to think about how often you train a muscle per week as well as how heavy the weights are. This is known as TRAINING FREQUENCY and is a key part of the conversation during our initial consultation and on-going program.

Just lifting heavy(ish) weights and putting them down repeatedly will no doubt increase muscle size and strength – eventually. But we know that your training time is precious and that we are all a little impatient these days, so this is where our time-effective, results-based training plan comes in.

What MOST people do

Most gym goers follow a traditional bodybuilder style split routine which involves training one body part per day, once per week i.e Monday – Chest, Tuesday – Back, Thursday – Legs and Friday – Shoulders and Arms. However, it is now well documented that there is a more effective way!

What SHOULD YOU be doing?

Research shows that a training frequency of 2-3 times per week is more effective than training a muscle once per week.

“When comparing studies that investigated training muscle groups between 1 to 3 days per week on a volume-equated basis, the current body of evidence indicates that frequencies of training two times per week promote superior hypertrophic outcomes compared to one time. It can therefore be inferred that the major muscle groups should be trained at least twice a week to maximize muscle growth; whether training a muscle group three times per week is superior to a twice-per-week protocol remains to be determined.” (1)

This isn’t to say that a training frequency of once a week won’t get you results, it’s just your training could be more effective if you increase the frequency to 2-3 times a week.

Before you panic, this doesn’t mean you have to train twice as much. Your program should include a similar amount of exercises per body part each week but they should be spread out and multiple body parts should be trained during each session. 

Here are some examples of clients that we have trained with these frequencies:

Bill Emmanuel


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