12 Week Transformation Contest- Week 2

Chris’ Transformation Blog – Week 2
So far so good this week. Wes has lost 1.1kg from week 1 (he weighed in at 85.8kg), his training has been great and his eating has been on point too.
We have 3 training sessions planned each week. Two that Wes does with me and one that Wes does by […]

5th October 2017|Transformation Contest|

12 Week Transformation Contest- Intro and Week 1

In August I was approached by the manager of my gym and asked if I’d be interested in taking part in a National Transformation Contest. It sounded like an interesting opportunity and I hoped that by forwarding a link to the results page of my website the powers that be would consider my involvement.
In early […]

29th September 2017|Transformation Contest|