How much weight should you lift? Training Intensity

Welcome to part 3 of our Muscle Building Series. This time we will be looking at Training Intensity and explaining how we gauge this appropriately during workouts at Train.

What is Training Intensity?
Training Intensity describes the amount of load (also known as resistance or weight) and effort you use during each exercise.
As with most training […]

15th May 2017|Gaining Muscle|

How many sets and reps should you do? Training Volume

This is the second part of our Muscle Building Series. The focus of this post is Training Volume and how we use the latest research on this topic at Train to develop programs that maximise results.
What is Training Volume?
Firstly, let’s clear things up and explain the terminology to any training beginners. Training Volume is the […]

18th April 2017|Gaining Muscle|

How often should you train a muscle? Training Frequency

This is the first in our series of six blog posts to help you understand how Train gets the most-effective, muscle-building results in the quickest possible time – all based on proven science and 20 years’ experience with 100’s of clients.   
What is Training Frequency?
Step One – it’s really important to think about how often […]

27th March 2017|Gaining Muscle|