12 Week Transformation Contest- Week 2

Chris’ Transformation Blog – Week 2
So far so good this week. Wes has lost 1.1kg from week 1 (he weighed in at 85.8kg), his training has been great and his eating has been on point too.
We have 3 training sessions planned each week. Two that Wes does with me and one that Wes does by […]

5th October 2017|Transformation Contest|

12 Week Transformation Contest- Intro and Week 1

In August I was approached by the manager of my gym and asked if I’d be interested in taking part in a National Transformation Contest. It sounded like an interesting opportunity and I hoped that by forwarding a link to the results page of my website the powers that be would consider my involvement.
In early […]

29th September 2017|Transformation Contest|

How much weight should you lift? Training Intensity

Welcome to part 3 of our Muscle Building Series. This time we will be looking at Training Intensity and explaining how we gauge this appropriately during workouts at Train.

What is Training Intensity?
Training Intensity describes the amount of load (also known as resistance or weight) and effort you use during each exercise.
As with most training […]

15th May 2017|Gaining Muscle|

How many sets and reps should you do? Training Volume

This is the second part of our Muscle Building Series. The focus of this post is Training Volume and how we use the latest research on this topic at Train to develop programs that maximise results.
What is Training Volume?
Firstly, let’s clear things up and explain the terminology to any training beginners. Training Volume is the […]

18th April 2017|Gaining Muscle|

How often should you train a muscle? Training Frequency

This is the first in our series of six blog posts to help you understand how Train gets the most-effective, muscle-building results in the quickest possible time – all based on proven science and 20 years’ experience with 100’s of clients.   
What is Training Frequency?
Step One – it’s really important to think about how often […]

27th March 2017|Gaining Muscle|

What do all successful diets have in common?

Let’s first DEBUNK some of the nonsense you may have been told about what makes a successful diet…
Often diets are marketed by making bold claims that they work due to different means such as; altering hormones like insulin, by avoiding certain foods or because you aren’t allowed you to eat at certain times. Such claims […]

20th March 2017|Weight loss|

How to lose weight – how much can you eat?

So now that we have established that the most important factor for effective weight loss is to create an energy deficit, we need to work out how much we can eat.
At this point, it is important to point out that our aim is to make things as simple and effective as possible. We appreciate that […]

13th September 2016|Weight loss|

How to lose weight – Let’s get the most important things in place first.

How to lose weight – Let’s get the most important things in place first.
As trainers, the most common question we are asked is “How do I lose weight?” There are several factors that can impact weight loss however our philosophy is to give simple, evidence-based advice and to prioritise the most important things first.

With that […]

27th June 2016|Weight loss|

What is evidenced based personal training and why is it important?

What is evidence-based personal training?
Evidence-based personal training is the application of fitness and nutritional principles that have been repeatedly proven to work effectively by credible research. This is important as it helps us to make sense of the many training, nutrition and supplementation opinions and then achieve the quickest and best results possible by focusing […]

27th November 2015|Evidence based training|