Chris’ Transformation Blog – Week 9

Another good week from Wes. His sessions in the gym have been great, and his weight has dropped by a further 0.45kg to 80.45kg. His weight loss was a little surprising as we increased his calories and he also started supplementing with Creatine again but we’ll take it.

This week I wanted to talk about something Wes mentioned in his part of the blog last week – Tracking and recording information. For me, this is important for several reasons as I think it:

  • Improves focus
  • Helps us problem shot
  • Removes guesswork from training
  • Keeps us accountable
  • Gets better results!

What we track will depend on who is training, what their goals are and how willing they are to record information.

Wes tracked his:

  • Calorie and protein intake daily
  • Steps (Movement) daily
  • Weight and repetitions used during training each session
  • Measured his weight weekly
  • Taken assessment photos and his body fat and circumference measurements every 4 weeks.

I appreciate this may look like a lot and maybe a bit overwhelming for some people. The burden is shared between us and technology can really help too.

How We Track

I’m a firm believer that technology should only be used if it actually makes our life’s easier. In this case, Wes used a smartphone app called MyFitnessPal (MFP) to track his calories and protein intake. MFP has a really useful barcode scanner and a shared database making foods really easy to input.

His daily steps and activity where record using the MyHealth app built into his iPhone. For those that don’t like to take their phones everywhere, you can use wearable technology like a Fitbit or iWatch.  A recent study found Fitbit and the iWatch to be more accurate when compared to other activity trackers so I tend to recommend them.

Wes’s weight was checked on a set of digital scales, I find digital scales much more reliable. I took pictures on my phone and then compare them side to side using an app called Split Pic. Wes’s training weights were just noted down in a notebook, I find this much easier to use than an app.

Lastly, Wes’s body measurements were assessed with a tape measure, bioimpedance machine and body fat callipers. As I mentioned in previous posts, even though still slightly subjective I prefer using callipers when doing body fat measurements. I find they give you more reliable results if you’ve been trained to use them properly.

We are now on the home straight with only 3 weeks to go. At the moment we don’t know how anyone else in the competition is doing. I’m confident that compared to others in the contest we must be doing pretty well and I couldn’t have asked for any more from Wes.


Wes’ Transformation Blog – Week 9

This week I had a pre-arranged weekend away to meet up with some cousins.

Usually, when we catch up, it generally involves lots of food and drink. As I was aware of this, I had a chat with Chris in the week. I didn’t really want to reschedule but also I didn’t want the weekend to be made complicated as I tried to stick to my calorie and protein goals. To be honest, when I had the chat with Chris, I had already made my mind up that I wasn’t going to restrict myself for the weekend, no matter what he said.

Luckily Chris was in agreement with me, in that I had worked hard and been very focused through the program and so he thought the weekend wouldn’t do too much harm. The weekend has been and gone, and whilst I ate and drank what I wanted, I think subconsciously, I didn’t let myself get too carried away. I did definitely eat a lot more carbs than I would have done recently and by the end of the weekend, I was feeling more sluggish and not quite as sharp as I have been. Equally I actually felt a bit guilty and ended up going to the gym for an extra session to try and make up for the weekend excesses. The old me would be disgusted.

I think and I hope, that as well as the gym habits, this 12 weeks has helped me build new habits for how I eat and drink that will carry on permanently. That way it will help me push on and improve after the 12 weeks are up.