Chris’ Transformation Blog – Week 8

Right then, we’ve just finished week 8 which was a reassessment week. Wes has stuck to the program and his numbers are looking great. I’m really pleased for him as he has been working really hard in and out of the gym.

In total, he has now lost 6kg in weight but more importantly, his body fat has decreased by 5.76%. His results show a substantial drop in body fat from week 4, especially when compared to same test results from the start to week 4.

This clearly isn’t what the progress photos below suggest but as I mentioned in our week 4 blog although the 7 Site Caliper Test is the most accurate test we have at our disposal there is still a small margin for error.

In retrospect, the week 4 reading probably came out a little high but as stated previously, this is why it is important to gather as much information as possible in order to see what’s really happening.

From Wes’s progress pictures it is clear to see that he is starting to become more toned and defined around his chest and shoulders. He has lost even more body fat from around his stomach and his posture has improved.

Wes’s circumference measurements have all decreased further. The largest decrease is from his waist which is also clearly evident from his pictures. The smallest decrease has been around Wes’s chest but as he is building muscle in this area this isn’t surprising.

Wes’s before, week 4 and week 8 assessment results

Wes Table Week 8

Wes-Before-to-8-side Wes-Before-to-8-front Wes-Before-to-8-back

As our body fat gets lower it becomes more difficult to lose weight without losing muscle. So for the remaining 4 weeks, we have increased Wes’s daily calorie intake to help build a little more muscle. He will still be in a slight daily calorific deficit but it will be much closer to his maintenance intake.

I am really happy with how everything has gone so far. I’m proud of what he has achieved so far and just hope we can stay on track until week 12.

Wes’ Transformation Blog – Week 8

Since week 4, the time has flown by and I can’t quite believe we are at week 8.

Over the past couple of weeks, I started to feel my progress was slowing. I knew that in terms of my work in the gym I was training harder than ever, but I didn’t actually feel physically I was noticing a massive change. It’s not something that was demotivating me but like most people, reassurance is always a help.

This week Chris remeasured me and took some photographs which helped readdressed my thoughts on the progress we have made. I am really happy with the improvements in the photographs and probably even happier with my measurements. It goes to show the importance of recording all possible data. It’s difficult to really appreciate the day to day changes without it. With 4 weeks to go, it’s motivated me, even more, to focus on the final stretch.

With Chris increasing my daily calories, I am determined not to waste the calories on food which isn’t going to help my progression. Protein is high on the list, although I have to admit, shakes are becoming very tiresome. When I have time though, I have managed to cook eggs or protein pancakes which makes sure my diet hasn’t been boring and pretty easy to stick to. They just need to invent protein beer.