Chris’ Transformation Blog – Week 7

We’re back on track and last weeks little experiment has worked. For those that have been following our blog, you will know that Wes’s weight loss had started to slow down. This can happen naturally at this stageThough in this case, something didn’t add up as Wes was training more, moving more and eating less.  From his notes, the slow down in weight loss started to occur around the same time that he started supplementing with Creatine.  After some research on we discovered that Creatine could be causing Wes to retain more water. This could make it appear that he was losing less body fat so we decided to temporarily stop taking Creatine. Our assumption was correct and Wes lost a further 1.1kg on the scales this week. He now weighs 81.3kg meaning he’s lost 5.6kg.

It’s times like these I am very grateful that around 7 years ago I stumbled upon trainers such as Eric Helms, Alan Aragon and Lyle Mcdonald. At the time social media had really started to take offIt seemed like every trainer and their dog was blogging and posting frequent content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There was a lot of contradicting information being published and concepts that I thought were concrete were being questioned. I was confused and starting to doubt my own knowledge and beliefs. However, I then found a way to cut through the noise, as the trainers I mentioned above introduced me to Evidence-Based Training.

What is Evidence-Based Training?

In brief,  Evidence-Based Training is training using concepts and theories that have been repeatedly scientifically proven to work. We’re not just talking about one or two studies, for something to be really proven to be effective we should ultimately look for research that tests a number of credible studies on the same topic. Such studies are called Meta-Analysis or Systematic Reviews and are considered as the strongest form of scientific evidence.

Why is it important?

This type of training is really important as it’s authentic, honest and allows us to focus on what’s really important. A great example of this is what to prioritise when dieting to lose weight. There are 1000’s of books telling us what foods, food groups or macronutrient (fat, carb or protein) to avoid when trying to lose weight. However, research has consistently shown that controlling calorific intake and creating a calorific deficit is essential for weight loss to occur. This can be obtained using any food, food group or macronutrient combination. Therefore we should be focusing on how much we eat not what we eat. Obviously, vitamin and mineral dense foods are necessary to form a balanced diet but with this knowledge we can create effective diets with more flexibility.

A diet with more freedom increases our chances of sticking to it and lessens the feelings of going without. It also allows us to occasionally enjoy a beer or a meal out with friends without feeling guilty. Once we reach our target it also helps with weight management as once we understand what really works we don’t have to be ‘on’ or ‘off’ of a diet.

In Wes’s case, this also allowed us to look in the right place when his weight loss started slowing down. We knew he was doing everything right. He was training well, moving more, eating under his calorie target and consuming enough protein. Making one change proved it and now we know we’re back on track.

Wes is now full of confidence again as he knows that his efforts are paying off. He is mentally back on track and he’s talking about what he wants to achieve once our 12-weeks is over. I think he might have the bug!

Wes’ Transformation Blog – Week 7

My working week is built around schedules. I have meetings constantly booked into my diary so I’m always careful to make sure my training is blocked out. Because of this, I’ve made sure I haven’t missed a session.

Recently work has been getting extremely busy and I found myself in a meeting that had overrun in Finchley. It was the day that I was training alone and because of how busy the rest of my week was, it was the only time I had to train.

As the meeting got later and later I started to realise that I wasn’t going to get back in time to get to the gym. As the meeting rolled on I text Chris, ‘mate, the perfect run is over! Stuck in a meeting in the middle of Finchley, no way I’m getting back to the gym’

Chris’ reaction was brief. ‘ What’s wrong with one of the 2 gyms in Finchley?’

I had never bothered to read what I had signed up for, thinking I could only go to my normal gym. Whilst still in my meeting I logged onto the Pure Gym site. I found that I had access to gyms all over the country. What a result! The streak continues.