Chris’ Transformation Blog – Week 6

This week was a terrible week for Wes. That was a lie but I feel like I start our blog the same way every week. It was another great week from Wes. I shouldn’t complain though as he is a great example of what happens if you stick to the plan.

Food wise Wes has been great, after last weeks slow down in weight loss Wes choose to reduce his calories by an extra 100-200 calories a day. His protein intake dropped slightly because of this so I’ve recommended he reverts back to the original plan next week as weight loss is not our only goal. We are also trying to gain as much muscle as possible so a sufficient amount of calories and protein is needed to achieve this.

Wes’s training and daily movement (N.E.A.T) was also been brilliant this week. In addition to his normal training, he did a gym session with his wife,  ran 5k and walked over 10,000 steps each day. He also continued to make improvements on the weights used during our sessions. He is now up to sets 3 sets of 4 pull-ups, with a little help on the last rep. This means we are on target for his pull-up goal of 3 sets of 6.

Wes lost an additional 0.4kg this week. This is marginally under the recommended range of 0.5-1% of bodyweight per week but I don’t think it is a true reflection of the work that Wes has put in. Wes started supplementing with Creatine Monohydrate two weeks ago and I think this is affecting his weight loss.

What is Creatine and what does it do?

Creatine is a molecule produced in the body and helps to release energy to aid cellular function during stress. It increases strength and power output when training and can also benefit the brain, bones, muscles, and liver.  However, a potentially negative side effect is it can increase body weight through water retention. When taking higher loading doses this can exceed 2kg (1).

As Wes significantly decreased his energy intake (ate less) and increased his energy expenditure (more exercise and daily steps) I think it’s safe to assume that his weight loss has been slowed down due to water retention.

Confidence in any program is vital for focus and adherence. So we have decided that Wes should stop taking Creatine for a week to see how this affects his body weight. This was a tough call to make as we know that this is having a positive effect on his training. However, the priority right now should be trust and belief in what we are doing.  I’m pretty confident that we will therefore see a noticeable decrease in Wes’s weight next week. Hopefully the following week we can restart supplementing with creatine safe in the knowledge that all is going to plan and Wes’s hard work and commitment have not been wasted.

Wes’ Transformation Blog – Week 6

So week 6 has ended and my weight loss has slowed down over the last couple of weeks.

I feel that my training improvements have continued and so I am trying not to be too frustrated at the slow down, but it is difficult. Naturally, when I was seeing initial big drops in weight, it was great inspiration to keep going. Now I am looking at everything that I am eating, even more strictly. Unfortunately concentrating on low calories has lead to me missing my protein goals on a few days.

Chris has reminded me that the weight is only one measurement of how the programme is going. This has made sure that I haven’t felt too disheartened. He has also gone through the importance of a good protein intake and if it was too low, then it could be detrimental to my muscle growth. Because of this, I have refocused on the full diet rather than getting caught up low calories.


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