Chris’ Transformation Blog – Week 5

Another consistent week in the gym from Wes this week. His training is still going well, he’s been turning up focused and ready to go each session and we are still able to make exercises progressively more difficult each week.

Wes lost an additional 0.3kg this week. It’s great to see his weight still decreasing and getting closer to our goal of 78-80kg. However this week there was less of a drop in weight than previous weeks. Although nothing to be concerned about just yet it’s good to try to understand why this may have happened. For this reason, we have been gathering as much quantitive information as possible throughout the contest.  We have been tracking Wes’s daily calorie and protein intake, the weights used during each training session and how much Wes moves around during the day (N.E.A.T)

The energy we expend from daily movement (walking, climbing stairs, fidgeting) can be described as Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis or N.E.A.T. Our daily N.E.A.T can be easily measured and tracked using wearable technology such as Fitbits and Jawbones or in Wes’s case smartphone apps such as the iPhone health app.

From Wes’s app there has been a noticeable decrease in his daily movement as he has been working from home. This has decreased his daily steps to around 3000 compared to a typical workday of around 11000.

Regular daily movement can make a significant difference to the energy we expend. Studies suggest that manual workers can burn 1500 calories more a day compared office workers sat at a  desk (1). This is an important consideration for our general health and weight management. To amend this Wes is planning to go for a walk or run on the days he works from home.

Wes’ Transformation Blog – Week 5

As the weeks are progressing, I’m definitely starting to get how going to the gym can become addictive.

The results have kept me pushing myself to give myself the best opportunity to maximise our final results. Where my weight loss wasn’t as great this week, rather than be disappointed, I found myself more motivated to do more the following week.

I do find the diet more of a chore than the exercise, especially on the weeks that I’m not prepared for the week. On weeks I have my meals planned I can get through it and meet my goals without any drama. When I do not make meal plans it’s a struggle to make sure I’m going to have a nutritious meal within my goals. As the weeks go on I know that I need to plan ahead to keep up with reaching my goals.


1 – The Role of Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis in Human Obesity