Chris’ Transformation Blog – Week 4

We’re now a third of the way through our 12-week transformation contest and this week was a retest week. Wes has stuck to the plan so far so all his assessment scores were positive and we’re on track for a great end result. (See table below)

Wes has lost 3.8kg in 4 weeks which is great. His diet has been set up so that he maintains a negative daily energy balance. This basically means that he is consuming fewer calories than he uses each day and therefore Wes has to break down and utilise energy stored in his body fat reserves.

It is important to remember that Wes is also complementing his weight loss diet with a training program that is designed to increase his muscle mass.  This means that Wes has probably lost more than 3.8kg of body fat as he has also gained some extra muscle tissue.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 08.54.58Wes’s before and week 4 assessment results 

We are measuring Wes’s body fat using a 7 Site Calliper Test and a Bio-Impedance machine. Of the two I find the 7 Site test more reliable. That said, I find this test to be more accurate and consistent as peoples body fat gets lower. Even though I have been trained in this to laboratory standards during my Sports Science degree and I have been using the test for nearly 20 years, I still get the occasional large variation in results from the same body fat site. However, although not 100% accurate, it is the most consistent and readily available test we have and well worth using as a guide alongside other measurements.

Wes’s circumference measurements have all decreased which is also a great sign. His waist measurement (taken at belly button height) have had the most dramatic decrease. We wouldn’t expect to see such a big decrease in circumference measurements around Wes’s Chest and Hip as his training is also targeting muscle growth in his glutes, chest and upper back.

It’s also pleasing to see the possible benefits this is having on Wes’s health and well-being. Fat held around our waist is generally Visceral Fat which research links to a higher probability of illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

We are also using photos to track Wes’s progress. Although it’s only been 4 weeks I still think there is visible difference around Wes’s waist especially in photo 2. In the same photo, there is also noticeable muscle definition around his triceps (upper arms).

Photo 1


Photo 2


Wes’s training has continued to improve. One of Wes’s training goals is to be able to do 3 sets of 6 pull-ups. This week we added in small sets of 3 pull-ups.

Wes’ Transformation Blog – Week 4

Good new habits have been pretty easy to form. In the few weeks training with Chris, regular exercise has formed part of my routine. It’s not a chore, it’s something that I automatically do and generally look forward to.

I had also developed a few bad habits that have been hard to shake. Over the last year or so, I had got into the routine of having a few beers every night. At weekends it was a few extra beers as it was the weekend and it helped me switch off.

When I started the program, I had given thought to completely cutting all booze out. After consideration, I didn’t think it was realistic and so I had decided to allow myself a couple at the weekend. This way I try and save calories through the week to spend on my weekend beers.

It’s not been an easy routine to break but having starting to see results, it’s becoming easier. I just hope the gym is this tough to quit!