Chris’ Transformation Blog – Week 3

Wes has had another great week this week and everything is going to plan. He has stayed under his daily calorie target and reached his protein target. His training has been going well too.

He weighed in at 84.2kg which means he’s lost another 1.6kg this week. That’s a lot for 1 week and if we were to consistently see this over the next few weeks I’d suggest slightly increasing his daily calorie intake.

Your rate of ‘good’ weight loss will depend on your body fat percentage, starting weight and goals. It is generally recommended that you should lose an average of 0.5-1% of bodyweight per week to ensure that you can simultaneously maintain or build muscle. For where we are right now I’m happy with 0.5-1.5%

Now that we have established a good training structure we are focusing on gradually increasing the difficulty of each exercise. We can do this by either increasing the amount of resistance used or the number of repetitions. By doing this we ensure that Wes’s body will have to adapt to keep up with the increased demand. In training terms, we call this ‘Progressive Overload’.

These steady increases also positively impact Wes’s ‘Training Volume’. When designing a program to build muscle mass it is important to increase Training Volume when possible.

Wes would be considered a beginner when it comes to lifting weights. Because of this, we would hope to see weekly or fortnightly improvements in the weights used or reps completed in each exercise. Unfortunately, this level of development slows as we become more advanced and an elite lifter will only see tiny progressions every few months.

While things are running smoothly it’s my job to make sure that we don’t get complacent. Especially as our honeymoon period is almost over.

Wes’s Transformation Blog – Week 3

So week 3 is done and I’m feeling pleased with my progress so far. Chris is pushing me and because of that I’m doing far more in the gym than I normally would. A few times now, when I’m on my last set of 15 and I’m getting towards 12 reps, I’ think I won’t be able to do anymore! However, Chris pitches in with a bit of motivation to get me to 15. He doesn’t need the drill sergeant tactics you see on the internet but he seems to push the right buttons to get me through.

On my last work out, I felt that I didn’t have the usual energy to get me through. Although I completed the workout, I felt weaker than usual. Discussing it with Chris, he pinpointed the fact that regularly being under my calorie goal, was probably not helping achieve my end goal. He suggested having an extra 400 calories of carbs that day which meant more roast potatoes for dinner. I’ve been fine since.

I’ve now found myself looking forward to gym sessions as I’m able to impart my knowledge and wisdom on Chris, and I can tell he looks forward to his latest life lesson.