Chris’ Transformation Blog – Week 2

So far so good this week. Wes has lost 1.1kg from week 1 (he weighed in at 85.8kg), his training has been great and his eating has been on point too.

We have 3 training sessions planned each week. Two that Wes does with me and one that Wes does by himself. There is evidence that training a muscle group 2-3 times a week is significantly better at producing muscle growth. We have therefore structured each session to allow us to train each major muscle group twice a week.

Wes is already looking more confident in the gym and has learnt to pace himself much better. He is working hard and asking lots of questions which I always find helpful as I think if he understands why we are doing things he is more likely to stay on track.

Wes lowered his calories slightly for two days this week so that he can enjoy a work night out with a few more calories. He has also managed to be very close or slightly over his daily protein goal. Both of these are important to ensure we get the outcome that we want. Being in a calorie deficit is necessary to lose body fat and having sufficient protein is essential to maximise muscle growth.

Wes’s Transformation Blog – Week 2

I feel like we’re making good progress in the gym and the weekly weigh-in is helping with my motivation and keeping me focused. Chris is pushing me and I’m working much harder in the gym than I would’ve previously on my own.

I had a colleagues leaving drinks this Thursday and so I slightly reduced my calorie intake on  Tuesday and Wednesday so that I could have a normal night out. The most difficult part of doing this was fighting the cravings for crap food the following day. It would’ve been easy to give in, but I fought through it and managed to end the day on target still. I don’t think I would have done this if I didn’t have to be accountable to Chris and knew that we would be having a weigh-in next week.