Chris’ Transformation Blog – Week 11

Another solid performance from Wes this week. His weight on the scales is down and his weights in the gym are still going up. Wes’s weight loss was only 0.2kg this week but considering he had three Christmas parties I think that was pretty good.

I don’t want to jinx things with only a week to go, but I feel Wes’s positive attitude throughout the contest deserves a mention. It makes such a huge difference when the person your training is open to taking on challenges and takes your advice on board. I think that sometimes people think that as a personal trainer we can do everything for you but the unfortunate reality is we’re in this together.

Every time I’ve asked Wes to try an exercise or lift a slightly heavier weight he has had a go. He committed to doing one session a week by himself and has done, some weeks he even did two.He’s seen me twice every week. He’s stuck to his calorie target nearly every day and if he has gone over it’s been a planned social occasion. I don’t expect anybody to be perfect as it’s unrealistic and doesn’t really exist. I do believe that if we commit to something we should see it through to the best of our ability. Wes has done this and is reaping the rewards.

As trainers, we can help to improve peoples confidence, offer praise, give positive feedback and furnish you with all the tools to succeed. However, attitude is something that is largely controlled by you and hugely determines your chances and level of success.

I still remember my first Sport and Exercise Psychology lecture at university back in 1998. We discussed different personality types, NAF and NACH.

NAF -Need to Avoid Failure 

These people tend to avoid challenges because they do not want to risk failing. They are slow workers who avoid responsibility, are easily dissuaded from taking part and do not like being assessed.

NACH – Need to Achieve  

These are the people that thrive on a challenge. They are usually determined, quick workers who take risks and enjoy being assessed. Most sports people fall into this group.


NACH personality types have a higher chance of succeeding and getting better results. I don’t expect everyone to naturally be a NACH and there have definitely been times in my life when I haven’t. However, we can all try our best to be as NACH as possible and get the job done.


Wes’ Transformation Blog – Week 11

The end of the 12 weeks is in sight and it has come around far quicker than I expected. It seems like only a few weeks ago that I was on the verge of collapse during my first session with Chris.

A couple of people have asked what my goals are after the competition has finished. I’ll be honest I current struggle to get past the images of countless beers and Kung Po Chicken with noodles.

However, I am trying to give it some serious thought, as I don’t want to ruin the work it has taken to get to where we are. My initial goal is to get to the new year in good shape. I am very aware that Xmas is coming and I intend to enjoy it. Though I am keen to make sure I continue to workout and not completely stop exercising.  I intend to go to the gym every morning and then let myself enjoy the food and drink that the festive period brings.

Going into the new year, I want to make sure the routines I have now got into continue. In order to do so, I think I will need to set a new goal. What this will be will depend on our final results, but most importantly it will be building on the excellent work Chris has done.