Chris’ Transformation Blog – Week 10

I can’t believe we only have two weeks to go. The last 10 weeks have flown by and as always Wes kept his side of the deal this week. He trained 3 times, twice with me and once by himself, he ate well and met his daily movement targets. Wes lost a further 0.4kg this week bringing his weight down to 80.05kg and set a few new personal bests in the weights room. His pull ups are coming along and he can now do a set of 6, meaning we are on the verge of meeting all the goals we established at the start.

This time of year is particularly tricking as it’s the start of the Christmas party season. This week Wes and I discussed a few strategies to navigate through the next few weeks whilst staying on track. My advice was:

  • Pick your battles

I often hear people saying they are planning to go to a Christmas Party and not drink or have a salad. More often than not they get there and reality sets in. Their colleagues and friends start piling on the pressure. They then crumble, start drinking and enjoy three courses!

A more realistic option would be to plan ahead, eat light meals either side of the Christmas party and maybe avoid a starter or dessert.

  • Pick low-calorie options

A pint of beer is roughly 200 calories and a 250ml glass of red wine is approximately 210 calories. However, there are only 86 calories in a glass of champagne (also the same as two pigs in blankets!!) and 60 calories in a gin and slimline tonic. A single portion of Christmas pudding is about 300 calories but if you were to share it would only be 150 calories. I’m not saying that everyone should only drink Champagne and slimline tonic whilst never having their own dessert but we do need to be accountable for what is going in!

  • Get back to normal eating as soon as possible

If your goal is to manage or lose weight then try limiting the damage of the Christmas season by eating normally between parties. Often people have a big night out and follow that with a big breakfast to cure their hangover. Or they have the mentality that if they went off plan the night before it’s ok to do it the whole next day. Don’t. Enjoy a night out/ Christmas lunch and then pick up where you left off.

Wes’ Transformation Blog – Week 10

So as Chris has mentioned I’ve had my first Xmas do for this year.

It’s something we have discussed throughout the last 10 weeks. How do I approach big night outs? The answer is sensibly. I have changed my habits, I now plan ahead when having big nights out by eating smaller lunches. The following day, I have replaced bacon and fried eggs for turkey rashers and poached eggs. Essentially I am making sure I don’t warm up and down from the excesses with more excesses.

When it comes to the night out, I haven’t restricted myself too much which means I haven’t felt any pressure and given up. I have avoided kebabs on the way home which is not something I unhappy about at first. Ultimately though the positive results have continued after socialising by following Chris’ advice. As hard as it is for me to say out loud, he’s nearly always right.