In August I was approached by the manager of my gym and asked if I’d be interested in taking part in a National Transformation Contest. It sounded like an interesting opportunity and I hoped that by forwarding a link to the results page of my website the powers that be would consider my involvement.

In early September I was pleased to find out that I was 1 of 12 trainers that had been selected out of a possible 2500 Pure Gym trainers in over 180 Pure Gyms. I was asked to find a new member that would be able to commit to the 12 weeks. The contest involves training with me twice each week and catching up once by phone (all very kindly paid for by Pure Gym).

A few hours after receiving the email that I had been selected I got a call from Wes who had previously been one of my online clients in 2015. He explained that he had had a difficult year and he had lost his way with his training and diet. He wanted to get into training again but this time he was interested in doing physical one to one training. I told him about the contest and he thought it was an amazing prospect. I don’t really believe in fate but this seemed a very fortunate coincidence.

Throughout the 12 weeks, we have both decided to blog to give people a realistic and authentic insight into what personal training involves, the types of lifestyle changes that are required to make notable changes to your health/ body shape and discuss any problems that we might face along the way.

Chris’ Transformation Blog – Week 1

So last week Wes and I attended a photo shoot to take “before” pictures. After the shoot we did several assessments to give us some starting measurements and figures. We measured Wes’s body fat using a 7 Site Skin Fold Test with callipers (my preferred option) and also using a bio-impedance machine. We took body circumference measurements around Wes’s chest, waist and hips and measured Wes’s starting weight. His results were as follows:

Starting weight – 86.9kg

Body fat (7 Site Calliper Test) – 21.36%

Body fat (bio-impedance machine – 25.2%

Circumference Measurements

Chest – 98cm

waist – 97cm

Hips – 103cm

Wes’s goal is to lose weight (decrease body fat) and build muscle.  We used Wes’s starting weight and information gathered about his normal daily activity level to set Wes a daily calorie and protein target. It’s important to get this right as if we set his calorie target too low it will negatively affect his ability to build muscle and if it’s too high he won’t lose enough body fat.

I have also given Wes some supplement recommendations that will compliment his training and recovery. The supplement industry can be a bit of a minefield so I only ever recommend credible supplements that have been properly tested and proven to work. A great source for this is Examine.

We are now coming to the end of our 1st training week and Wes is doing great. Training is going well, although we had a small hiccup in the first session. I think Wes was a little too eager to get started and pushed himself a little too hard too early. He then started to feel sick but a few sips of Lucozade and some fresh air got him back on track.

Our second session went really well, Wes trained hard and we got through everything planned. Wes has really got to grips with his eating plan and has managed to stay under his calorie target and reach his protein goal every day. We have planned a session for him to do alone this weekend.

Wesley’s Transformation Blog – Week 1

After recently deciding to get back to training I wanted some extra focus. I decided to contact Chris to see if he could give me some face to face training. Chris told me about the competition he’d just been selected for and asked me if I fancied it. The additional pressure of being in a competition seemed perfect to give me the focus I wanted.

Chris gave me my nutritional goals after taking all my measurements. I have continued to log everything I’ve eaten since using My Fitness Pal. I’ve found that habits have formed very quickly and by planning protein loaded meals, I have stayed comfortably full for longer. I rarely feel the need to snack after dinner and reducing my alcohol consumption was easier than I expected.

When I started my first session with Chris I pushed myself too far. Needing to take a break to finish the workout knocked my confidence. Chris explained that resting between sets was critical to ensure that I could lift the right amount of weight and that resting was a good thing. He said that it wasn’t about working hard but working smart.  The next workout, with Chris’s help, I took my time between sets and finished our session without any dramas. Since then my confidence has increased and I’m looking forward to improving as much as I can.